Scriptures tell us that wounds of a friend are faithful, that when a friend corrects, we may feel hurt but we can trust that their approach is for our better. This is not the type of friend David describes in Psalm 55.

This chapter describes betrayal of a friend, not correction, betrayal. Someone close to David, someone he considered a confidant betrayed him. It stung worse than an enemy attack, hit the very heart of who he was, of who he thought he could trust.

Even David faced this heartache. And God put it in the scriptures that we would not feel alone should it happen to us. The truth is this: people are people. We are broken, hurting, sinful people. We make decisions that hurt others, sometimes without knowing. You might be the betrayer just as likely as you might be the betrayed.

Do as David has done–seek the Lord.
Image by Vanessa Fitzgerald

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