Psalms like this used to confuse me. Why would God give us, generations later, the writings of someone when they are angry and asking for the destruction of others. Why would God give us an example of hot-headed anger? Of the desire to not only destroy, but humiliate others?

God wants us to be honest with Him. He desires clarity in whatever form and whatever words it comes.

Bigger than that, I think He wants us to know that we can pray whatever awful thing is in our heart. He opens the doors that we can speak ill of another–to Him–and ask for horrible things that would ruin another…

…because He is bigger than our prayer requests. He sorts through the fuzz and the gunk. He will always do what is right and just by His standards. We need not worry that our sinful prayers bring fire and brimstone on another. Our prayers are powerful–but they will never thwart the will of God.

So open up. Spill your heart. Spill the beans on how you really feel–to Him. And marvel as He hears, accepts, then shows you a peek at His way.
Image by Gölin Doorneweerd-Swijnenburg

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