“…that Your beloved may be delivered…” –verse 5

I experience the world in questions.

Why does a cracked u-joint make that noise in my car?
How did I crack the same u-joint in two different vehicles within two weeks’ time?
How did I break three starters in three different cars in two weeks?
(Car enthusiasts will appreciate those references–and there sheer incredibility of my ability to create strange car problems. My poor father spent many an hour fixing such issues throughout my teen years.)

Why do I react in that way when that thing happens?
What is God thinking?
Did Adam know how to spell? And if so, did he laugh at aardvark?

From functional to personal to spiritual to silly, my brain questions everything…all the time…I enjoy the puzzle that is life. And my mind-wandering often wanders off into places I hadn’t thought of before.

Like how Einstein’s theory of critical opalescence is a model for living the Christian life…or, rather, how living the Christian life is a model for Einstein’s theory of critical opalescence.  (Don’t get me started on string theory!)

For all the questions and all the ponderings, the psalmist answers the foundational why to them all: that Your beloved may be delivered.

Flowers bloom in myriad colors…that Your beloved may wonder at Your care for such a small plant.

Families defend each other…that Your beloved may taste an amuse bouche of the family feast You have in store.

The fellowship of friends strengthens…that Your beloved may glimpse the intimacy You offer.

Thank You for all that You do…that Your beloved may be delivered.

Image by Chris Baker

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