Ah, Asaph. There is something about Asaph’s psalms that make me smile. He is a man with my own heart–he struggles with the actions of others, he questions what faith means, and he goes to God with his rants. Ah, Asaph.

Here again, Asaph models how to appropriately address struggles with the actions of others. This sandwich of a psalm, with rants in the middle, is bordered by the important parts. Asaph cries out to God. The speaker broadcasting his rants and raves and confusion are all pointed in one direction: to God.

For in God alone will any of this even begin to make sense. And He alone receives our rants, in all their inglorious forms, smiles at our honesty, and shares His heart for the world.

Turn to your speaker to God and wait for His response.

Image by Parsley Studio

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