“Righteousness will go before Him, and shall make His footsteps our pathway.” –verse 13

I image God walking the earth with an aura of light, like headlights in the night, casting light on the ground all around Him. As He walks the light moves forward. His feet are holy, they walk on holy ground. To follow in His footsteps means to attain to righteousness. His mercy covers us that our still-filthy attempts that we may be welcomed into the lighted way.

What actions or habits do you need to change or break to better strive for righteousness? Does your patience wear thin by the end of the day? Does your appetite for power, recognition, food, or company override when stress hits?

Imagine Him walking before you, His light casting behind Him in your path. Step into the righteousness. His word promises to give you strength to do what He asks. Step courageously forward.

Image by Wanderlei Talib

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