This psalm of David chronicles the covenant-giving from God, how God proclaimed blessing and honor on His chosen one. Thirty-seven verses of promise from the Almighty One to the anointed. Thirty-seven verses. And then the turn happens.

David laments that the tide has turned. He sees himself as having lost the blessing and being disciplined by God. For eight verses, David describes his current situation and ascribes the discipline to God. David recognizes the powerful forces in his life, and he sees that God blesses and God disciplines–anointed one or not.

But David also knows that God endures forever, and His promises never fail. David asks how long. David asks when the turning back will come–because he knows it will come. The promises of God never fail, and neither does His discipline. David knows he will change, and he knows God will not.

The covenant of the Lord never fails.

Image by Scott Snyder

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