A friend of mine is celebrating a particularly special day today. The image for this post is one I pulled months ago, but has been sitting on my computer desktop waiting to be used.

The image struck me because an anthemic song I go to in hard times shouts loud, clear, and with a rock musicality thanking someone who did something against her because it taught her to fight.

Then my friend posted this: click here to read her post. Though her post claims that she has been avoiding fights, this woman has battled giants bigger than you or I could imagine.

I look at my friends and I realize something powerful: we all have battles we are actively fighting. Some have conquered addiction, others anxiety, another financial stresses. Some health, some future, some battling God for the prize like Jacob wrestled with Him.

We are a gaggle of fighters. Sometimes the punches look more like soft spaghetti noodles, but we still punch. Sometimes we hit this issue, cracking its jaw–and the rest of us celebrate around the ring. As children of God, we are powerful beyond measure. And with each other in our corners, even the bloodiest, most gash-filled, swollen battle can be crawled away from with victory.

Victory that we survived.
Victory that we won.
Victory that we are strong enough to fight another day.

We are a gaggle of fighters–so lace up your gloves and get in the ring.

Image by Belovedchenko Anton

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