Hello all! Posts have been sporadic–okay, fairly non-existant. You are not forgotten, and God is working. I write from a medicated haze tonight, a haze that a couple nights ago had me giggling at cereal.

And in my limited range of motion, at times counting the minutes between doses, I find God. Sometimes in the loudly proclaimed excruciating prayer as my back tries to protect itself by spasming away with the merest movement.

The Spirit moved as friends gathered around, our little nubbin of a church plant, prayed for healing. And though the pains did not immediately subside, Jesus provided a physical therapist with the answer to two decades of back pain.

So as good sore layers on top of bad pain, the muscles are being retrained to work as they should. With odd-looking exercises, the tension decreases, the pain pills become less necessary. Soon, the newly-taught muscles will protect the spine that the back spasms currently try to guard. “The spasms are the body’s way of protecting you, believe it or not,” sas Dr. Physical Therapist. And I believe him, for nothing can more quickly require you to stop whatever it was you thought you were going to be doing.

Maybe life pain is sometimes the same. Maybe God squeezes our lives to protect us. Maybe the feeling of few options is God pinning our arms down to protect us from grabbing the fruit that leads to death.

And the pain passes, the spiritual muscles strengthen–when good spiritual sore layers over bad spiritual pain. Stronger every day. And whatever the Spirit asks, whatever odd-looking spiritual strengthening exercise He asks, do it. For strengthening now will prevent further damage and pain later.

Trust the woman who received an answer to a 20-year-old problem. Hope is there. Work will need to be done. God will provide. Jesus will strengthen. And the Spirit will cheer you on.

Keep seeking, for soon the pain will ease.

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