This psalm, oh this psalm was needed today. As I write, I stand. I stand, not out of respect for the scripture or desire to move. I stand out of necessity. My back is injured and I have not been able to sit in over a week. The doctors are working, testing, poking, prodding, and the pain persists.

My mind flickers here and there, remembering and praying for those in my life who live with chronic pain. I know my pain will be temporary–it will heal in the near future. But the frustration I feel in my own temporary circumstance brings a spotlight to those who have no such relief. Their pain is daily, hourly, and in some cases, irreversible this side of heaven.

But a psalm like this, oh this psalm, it shows the intimacy of our Sovereign God. He knows every minute detail of the earth–and that includes me, that includes you, and it includes those with chronic pain. He created our bodies, He knows the smallest parts. He knows what causes my pain, even when we have not yet narrowed it down. He knows the diagnosis of the one with multiple issues. Sometimes His sovereign will is to heal in this life. Sometimes our lives are better, and we see Him more clearly when He chooses to heal in the next life.

But He does heal. And He does know.

Whatever you face, He knows. You don’t need to tell Him, but He sure longs for you to trust Him with it. He is a fierce, mighty, and gentle God. And He longs to be all those things to you.

Image by Gokhan Okur

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