In a month where we celebrate the gift of thankfulness, gratitude tends to overflow. Praise to God can come more easily because we practice it every day during November. Imagine practicing small gratitudes every day. It does not require us to be prostrate before the Lord, broken completely every day–though some days may come to that. Small praises, gratitude for the commonalities of the every day experience builds a pattern of seeing Him.

As I work through physical therapy for my back, the exercises given to complete are not broad, deep exercises. Their smallness is deceptive. For one, I don’t move more than three inches down, three inches back, down and back. That is all. Throughout the day, I grab a resistance band and go three inches left, then back to neutral. It may seem small, but it provides a building block to retraining my muscles to do as they ought.

Gratefulness in our lives can be the same thing. Maybe your latte was the perfect temperature today. Maybe that one song came on the radio and reminded you that God is near. They need not be huge. Small, repetitive motions build momentum for a changed life.

What are you thankful for today?

Image by  Michaela Kobyakov

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