We live our lives in story. By theatre, television, fiction, video games, or sports, we thrive on the storyline. Our ears perk as the plot thickens. We engage, we become part of the story. We tell stories in our daily lives.

But which stories are we telling? This psalm reminds me that some of our thoughts are best served remaining in the confines of prayer. I smile, recognizing myself, and I read David’s request for his foe’s destruction followed immediately by requests for salvation for himself. I see the double-handedness of that pattern.

The stories we tell to those around us help to shape our experience with others. Frustration like David’s, with passionate pleas for dire consequences, best be left at the altar of prayer. God welcomes all of our thoughts–that He might mold our hearts like his.

Tell your stories, your thoughts, your heart’s yearning–simply tell them in the correct context. If you struggle with such thoughts, go to Him now and let them loose, for they will do no good bottled up inside, and will do even worse being read in the town square.

Image by Nicolas Raymond

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