Reliable promises–as we exit a time of intense political campaigning with even more intense passion for candidate and issues, this is a year where I do not remember any commentator pontificating as to if a candidate could keep their campaign promises. We know politics are more complicated than any speech’s soundbite can capture.

We go to work and know that the proposal put forth, the goals in the strategic plan are lofty. So lofty, they cannot be met. And yet we put them in writing and declare them to be that for which we strive.

We have learned to not put stock in promises. But God’s promises do not change. And this chapter in psalms proclaims that which has already happened–the Lord is at the right hand of God. And it proclaims that which will happen–He will judge and He will lift up our heads.

That promise has been and will be fulfilled. For only God alone can make good on such a promise.

Image by Daniel Marinho

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