God baffles me. In our continued sin and disobedience, He continues to lead and guide. His love endures, and He knows our steps will not be perfect. Yet He gives good and perfect gifts to us.

In this psalm alone, His promises to the one who follows Him overflow:

  • he will be blessed
  • his descendants will be mighty
  • the generation will be blessed
  • wealth and riches will come to him
  • righteousness will endure forever
  • light arises in the darkness for the upright
  • he will never be shaken
  • he will not be afraid of evil
  • his heart is steadfast
  • his heart is established
  • he will not be afraid

When you feel downtrodden and distressed, wash your thoughts with the promises of God. He alone can deliver that which He proclaims.

Trust in the Lord. Delight greatly in His commandments.
Trust in the Lord.

Image by Nicolas Raymond

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