Psalm 119.
176 verses in 22 stanzas.

Overwhelmed by its enormity I notice a pattern…

precepts, word, law…

statutes, commandments, judgments…

All the praises, the peace, the understanding stemming from synonyms.

One-hundred eighty three synonyms
throughout 176 verses in 22 stanzas.

God minces not His words.
His ways may be mysterious, but His path is not.

One-hundred eighty three synonyms.
He has something to say about His way.

Precepts appears 21 times. The law mentioned 25 times. His word is 42, and His testimonies 22. His statutes 22 and commandments 21 times. His way, of which these others describe, 11 times. His ordinances and judgements 2 and 17 respectively.

Maybe there’s something to this word of God.
The key to understanding God is following His word, His ways, and you will be led to His righteousness.
They say a bible that is tattered reflects a life that is not.

What is He asking you to do?

Image by Billy Alexander

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