At a time when my to-do lists need a to-do list, I can get muddled in my purpose for the day. When matters are approached as urgent which are really not, and the “wish list” takes the place of needed rest, I forget.

Psalms like this remind me: I have work to do in the kingdom. Yes, there are posts to write and studies to research. But my kingdom works starts at a far more fundamental level:

Praise the Lord.
Sing to Him a song.
Declare His glory and His wonders among the people.
Fear God.
Give to the Lord.
Say among the nations, “He reigns.”

These are my tasks in the kingdom. And the Lord knows that if I focus on these, the rest will fall into their rightful priority.

Praise be to God for looking out for His people.
Image by Cécile Graat

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