Physical therapy unlocks all manner of lessen about the spiritual life for me.  As the big issues are corrected and the underlying issues emerge, it is more difficult for me to see or feel what the expert sees and feels. I can see when I am twisting in a way I shouldn’t. But I cannot tell if certain joints are moving as they should, as the joints are no bigger than a couple fingers.

While doing a tiny exercise, laying face down on a table and lifting my straightened leg just the thickness of a piece of paper, he has two fingers on my back. The two fingers move from joint to joint as I lift alternating legs. A few lifts pass with quiet “good” then he stops me. “You’re hyper-extending. Do this instead,” as he redirects my only-slightly moving leg to move in a slightly different way. “Do you feel the different?” Truth be told, I felt it in my muscles, but not in my spinal joint. His two fingers felt it in the joint and corrected what could have done more harm than good.

Later, on the floor in my apartment, I felt a strain when doing the exercise. I put my own two fingers back there to see if I could feel what he felt. Lift, pause. Adjust, pause. As the tiny lifts move, I actually felt the small hyper-extension his expert’s fingers felt instinctively.

Re-training in the tiny movements, I see God doing the same. His expert feel in our lives, knows the tiny damaging movements that will eventually exacerbate a bigger problem. He gives the correction, and He knows it may take time for us to feel the difference between what we are doing and what we should be doing. He keeps the two fingers where they should be while we move and bend and flex. He expertly adjusts, shifts, and feels in a different spot. And He quietly corrects that the tiny strengthening moves will build for a much stronger whole life.

If what you are feeling in your life of faith is the tiny movements, the tiny corrections, and you wonder if God has moved onto bigger things with others know this: the tiny movements are critical. His training of the tiny muscles of faith serve as building blocks to other things. He has not forgotten you. His expert hands are simply working what needs to be worked now.

Focus where He points and be assured of this: He has not forsaken the big in your life. His love, so comprehensive, draws Him to show you the little rudder of your boat that the whole steering might be corrected. Hang in there. Bigger things are coming for you.

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