A damaged back means…
…plotting my next dose of over-the-counter anti-inflammatories.
…strategizing the day so that I can get through it.
…planning my month so all the normal chores can get done.
…looking out over the year to see when, or even if, I can travel and at what intervals.

A damaged back means…
…giving up those things that cause pain.
…accepting limitations.
…allowing hope of the life I had slip away.
…accepting limitations.

He corrected me today.
In physical therapy, he asked how far I run.
I scoffed at his question,
still functioning in a mindset of “damaged.”
He corrected himself,
and corrected me in the process.
“Eight years ago, how far did you typically run?”
He was plotting my recovery,
knowing how desperately I missed running,
and I was still stuck in “damaged.”

He was sitting in my new reality,
looking at me to see if I would join him there.
It wasn’t a matter of physicality,
for I had already run twice during the weekend.
He was testing my mentality.
Would I see myself there?

A runner.
Embracing the new future,
leaving the old reality behind.

Jesus does the same.
Looking at us, perched a few feet away,
watching us work out our salvation
as He guides our actions.

Sitting in our new reality, given by Him…
wondering if we will join Him there.

Let go of the old realities.
Embrace the one set before you.

No longer damaged,
but healed.
Image by Kenneth Pedersen

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