“If it had not been the Lord who was on our side…” –verses 1, 2

Echoing through the halls of my mind are the proclamations of what would have happened had the Lord not been with the people Israel. Swallowed, wrath, overwhelmed, drowning. What strikes me is not the deliverance described in the next verses. What echoes are the complaints of His people in this day. We are swallowed by our schedules, interpret being the object of another person’s wrath, feel like life is overwhelming and surely we will drown.

However, those should not be the words of those who trust in the Lord. Israel described those calamities as what would have happened apart for the Lord. If you are in the Lord, lean in on His strength, rely on His promises of provision and direction, and trust His sovereign hand to give you only what you and He can handle together.

Scratch the complaints and recognize the deliverance of the Lord.

Image by Kamil Kantarcıoğlu

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