Strong in weakness.

Reading this Psalm, the Spirit breathes low. Crawling down to meet Him, I see how very small my faith has been.

“…But upon Himself His crown shall flourish.” –verse 18

The point of faith is not what it can do for me. Even salvation is not for the saved. Salvation announces the mercy and grace of God. Salvation declares the nearness of God. Salvation proclaims the Word became flesh, dwelt among us, chose the cross as payment for our wretchedness, conquered the grave that the guilty might know life, and sent a Comforter to guide and direct.

In the salvation story, all we do is show up.

The point of faith
is that He,
be glorified
for all the things
has done.

We are but a canvas for His masterpiece of love to the world.
We are but a canvas.

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