1142131_58443153Jesus sees you today. His eye sparkles as He watches today. The idea hits and He is out of His throne and into the storehouse. Pushing back the art on the wall, He wheels the turbine of the safe lock and the door swings open. He steps back, waiting for His eyes to settle on the thing for which He darted to get.

There. That. That will change your life. It will stir your heart, your passion, and bring brightness to your countenance.

“…He brings the wind out of His treasuries.” –verse 7

The wind. It blows without filing a flight plan. It moves where it will, taking items in its path. From gentle breath of refreshment to wild knock of landscape clearing cleansing, the wind flows at the mighty hand of God.

The wind is His treasure. He gives it to your life, that you may know Him.

Image by Herman Brinkman

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