1254266_10479077Life transformation brings attention. It casts a distinct light between broken and healed, fearful and faithful, enduring and breaking through. Transformation catches attention because we all long to be transformed in some way.

Physical transformations, weight loss, healed bones, strengthened backs…they all are evident and easy to talk about. Recommending a diet, a doctor or a therapist is easy. Of course we will share what did so much for us.

Transformations of the heart and spirit are equally evident. People notice when the complaints lessen, the stress eases, and trust infuses your every day. Eyebrows perk when what used to elicit a snarky comment responds with a knowing smile and a calm demeanor. But do I tell them it is because God confronted me on my snarkiness? Or do I layer it in excuses of needing to treat people differently.

I won’t pull punch to recommend a dentist, care giver, car dealer, bank, or any other resources. Yet when the resource needed is spiritual in nature, “political correctness” reigns over sharing the truth.

Lord, may we place You above all else and recognize the need for your kingdom trumps all other resource needs.

Image by Robert Michie

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