“The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made.” –verse 9

God’s ways are unfathomably boundless. Who would pre-plan their own Son’s exit from heaven that His Son would be misunderstood, brutalized, and murdered? To sacrifice so much for those He created is beyond what we can know.

As believers, we see the sacrifice and hopefully recognize His compassion on our broken state. We feel His guidance; we seek His face. And we forget He has this same compassion on those who reject Him. His love does not switch on and off with whether we decide to follow. He loves, period. His compassion never fails, even for unbelievers.

When you next encounter one who may not agree with your God, remember His compassion is bigger than ours. His love extends to all without prejudice, as should ours.

Image by Niall Crotty

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