1409057_52778809Like many years, this year presented challenges and opportunities I never saw coming. Vacillations at work, understandings of God, joining a newly forming church, and receiving healing for a years-long back issue, just to name a few. God works. His hand moves in ways I cannot see and can only glimpse a small understanding. He knows the plans for my life in the next year where I am still working toward a number of different possible outcomes.

He understands what I need. He knows the one He created. He knows the one He saved, the one He called, and the one He for whom He provides every day. I am the one who needs Him. I am the one He created. I am the one He saved, called, and for whom He provides.

You are too.

If we are His, then whatever comes, we can trust He knew, knows and will bring to completion. Whatever the anxiety, the concern, or even the daydream, to Him alone be the omniscience. And in Him alone will I place my ultimate trust.

Embrace the reflections of the year past and the year to come with welcome arms. For He who promised is faithful.

Image by Constantina Dirica

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