Welcome to the 2013 edition of daily devotions! This “empower” section is meant to continue what was started last summer: bringing a scripture-reading plan with a short reflection that you may embrace the scriptures as the powerful words of God that they are. When you are strong in scripture, you will supernaturally be more empowered to use it as the sword of the Spirit in your life.

This year we will be reading through the Bible in one year chronologically. For the first few months, you won’t notice a difference because we will be reading the history of God’s people. But as we get into Kings, Chronicles and the like, you will start to see books overlapping. One day’s reading may come from three different books of the Bible. This excites me to be able to bring the well-meaning, but somewhat disjointed Sunday School understanding of scripture into a singular timeline.

Enough with the intro! Let’s get moving.


  • Genesis 1:1-4:26

Genesis 1:25 inspires me. God made everything according to its kind. He didn’t make zebras according to the plans for armadillos or give birds the necks of giraffes. He created every single thing according to a specific plan. And He does the same today.

He will make you, shape you, according to His righteous will in who He made you to be. One of my favorite quotes from Kierkegaard says that with his help, we can finally be more of ourselves. Not selfish or self-focused, but more of who He originally created us to be before we thought we knew better. In organizational development, we call this self-referential change. Successful organizations change and adapt, but they are only successful when they change and adapt in alignment with what they truly are. We would not trust if a car company started making baby bottles. We would see that as too far outside their purpose to possibly be successful. Change in our lives happens the same way. Yes, God changes us from the wretched sinners we were to the saved sinners we are. But I believe He changes us according to that which He originally intended us to be.

Ask Him who He made you to be. Seek Him continually and you will become the person who He created. It will fulfill you in ways you cannot imagine.

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