• Genesis 28:1-30:43

Nobody signs up to be Leah. Her father swindled a man, snuck her into the wedding chamber, and tricked him into marrying her when it was Leah’s sister the man desired. And Leah knew it. She called herself “unloved.” When looking at the heroes of scripture, nobody reads Leah’s story and wishes that were true in their life.

Leah’s marriage was put upon her. In that time, she held no choice of her own. Saying no and waiting for another suitor was not an option. Given to a marriage Jacob did not want, Leah still longed that he love her. But it was God who provided for her.

In a situation she did not choose, Leah sought fulfillment through her husband. God gave her three sons, each of which she believed would garner Jacob’s favor. But it was the fourth son who would open Leah’s eyes to God’s provision. She praised the Lord for Judah.

Whatever situation abounds around you, God will provide for you. This is not a reckless call to make silly decisions. It is a call to endure despite the circumstances beyond your control and your choosing. God knows how this came to be. And He knows what you need to endure. Seek Him, wait on Him, and honor Him. He will take care of the rest.

Image by Iwan Beijes

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