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  • Genesis 37:1-40:23

Chapter 37. Taught to young children in Sunday School, preached from pulpits to the adults. If you have been part of a church for a while, you have likely heard the story. What stood out to me today was this: daily thoughts become actions you never would have dreamed.

Jacob’s daily favoritism of Joseph created a hostile environment in his own home. Joseph’s daily acceptance of the prized position led him to telling the interpretation of dreams that only incited more anger. And the brothers’ daily anger at the situation led them to leave their brother for dead in a well.

It is not the big things that alter the directions of our lives. The small daily habits lead us in the directions so slowly that we may not see we are on the path to destruction.

What daily habits do you overlook? Where are they leading you? Some will lead to the path of peace; others will lead to destruction.

Image by Sanja Gjenero

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