• Genesis 41:1-43:34

Reconciliation. The long story of Joseph’s rise to power in Egypt presents an underlying message necessary for each of us: forgiveness. Joseph experienced wrong by the hands of his brothers. Years stolen from his life, years spent in prison, could have been demanded from the brothers as a result of their deceit.

Joseph’s power in Egypt knew little bounds. What he said caused men to jumped to action. He could have ordered all of his brothers to jail. He could have refused them food. He could have sent them away.

Even before that, Joseph could have challenged Pharaoh. The man who sent Joseph to jail on the false testimony of his wife, Joseph could have chosen to not interpret Pharaoh’s dreams. How would Pharaoh know if Joseph shared the truth of what God showed him?

But Joseph did not. He chose to share the truth from God with Pharaoh. He chose to give food to his brothers and return their money. Then he chose to honor his brothers by feasting with them.

Scripture does not tell us much about Joseph’s character. But we do know this: he forgave. And that forgiveness, warranted or not, paved the road for reconciliation.

Beyond that, it showed the Egyptians God’s response to sin. Don’t think the butler who forgot to tell Pharaoh of Joseph’s situation didn’t fear what Joseph would do in power. Don’t think the brothers feared what might happen when they saw how Joseph was esteemed in Egypt.

Reconciliation not only gave Joseph his family back. It spoke the love of God toward a sinful people.

Your reconciliation can do the same.

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