• Genesis 47:1-50:26

What stands out to you about this passage? What strikes me is that the people mourning with Joseph likely had very little relationship with Joseph’s father. Though Joseph mourned the loss of a loved one, the Egyptians mourned the loss of a loved one’s loved one. The Egyptians knew not the relationship, but they knew the son in the relationship. They knew his stewardship, his leadership, and his care for their people. They knew his character, his history, and his life as a trusted man of the pharaoh. And so they mourned with him. They shared the burden, not because they also lost someone, but because the man they cared for and respected was hurting. They felt his pain with him so that he need not feel it alone.

And from everything we know, they did not follow God.

How much more should we that do join with those who mourn, support those around us whether they believe or not, and be the one who cares so deeply about those around us that we feel along with them.

Rather than buck up and stoically state: “God knew,” we should break down, share a tear and quietly whisper, “God knew.”

Image by Mikas Vitkauskas

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