• Exodus 7:1-9:35

I see myself in Pharaoh. Scripture reminds us to remember what the Lord has done. Over and over, we are called to remember. Throughout this reading today, Pharaoh pleads for relief from the plague. Time and again, he begs Moses to ask God for relief. And when relief comes, Pharaoh turns back to his hardened heart. Another plague. Another cry for relief. Another relief. And another return to a hardened heart.

I forget all God has done. I forget His healing, His power, His perfection. I forget His miracles. Most often of all, it seems, I forget His love. Another struggle, another cry for relief, another relief, and another return to my forgetfulness.

Yet He still intervenes to get my attention. He still provides relief, even when He knows I will forget. He is faithful, though I am not.

Commit with me today to ever remember all He has done that we may not return to our forgetful ways.

Image by Brian Lary

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