• Exodus 25:1-27:21

“…And let them make Me a sanctuary, that I may dwell among them.” –Exodus 25:8, NKJV

Some days I put myself in “timeout.” Others would say they are needing to focus or need to not be interrupted. Though that may be true on the surface, I opt instead to call it what it is: I need a timeout. Me and God, we gotta figure out what is frustrating me, so I am just gonna close this office door for a little bit. True, not the most “professional” way to discuss it, but sometimes this sanctuary needs a deep clean.

It is an honor that God would want to dwell in me, and frankly, rather shocking. He isn’t bothered by my humanity, my need for occasional timeouts, or that some days seem harder to trust Him than others. He hangs out when I have created my own sense of confusion, turning up the heat at times to burn away the fog so I can see clearly again.

He doesn’t come for a visit. He doesn’t pop in for a cup of coffee and be on His way. He is here to dwell. So let the unvacuumed, dusty reality show because He’s going to be here a while.

Image by Gerhard Höllisch

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