• Exodus 28:1-30:38

Our God has exacting standards. From the set-up of the temple to the garment decorations of the priest, God’s holiness demands precise, exact adherance else death will quickly follow. If a high priest entered the temple and did not follow the order by which God told them to do so, they would be struck down.

I have no idea how I would have fared in the time before Christ. His sinless life paved the way for Him to be the sacrificial offering to God. Jesus’ shed blood was the final sacrifice. And because His was the perfect sacrifice, God required no more. Instead of ephods and incense, you can come to the throne of grace with confidence in whatever state you are. For God sees the perfect blood of Christ, paying the price for every single one of your every single sins, and He is pleased with the sacrifice. Note, not pleased with the sin, but the eternal penalty for that sin has been paid.

If you know Christ, spend a few moments meditating on what it means to be covered like that.

If you do not know Christ, that feeling in your gut, the one that struggles with your bad behaviors, and the sense that there is something more may very well be the Spirit calling you to salvation. Jesus is the only way to approach God. Jesus’ sacrifice paid the price for your unholiness. To be a believer, believe it, thank Him, and follow Him. No canned prayers, no altar calls before your computer screen. It’s you and Him.

Image by Colin Brough

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