• Exodus 34:1-36:38

Despite the people’s rebellion and idolatry, God still provided stone tablets of His expectations to them. Despite their sinful actions and wandering loyalties, He sought that they know Him. In spite of their wayward hearts, He sought to woo them.

We so often treat Him with casual indifference or passionate angst. And yet He reaches out. He knows our sinful ways of past, present, and future, and still He calls. He knows our confusion, our misinterpretation, and our desire to choose our own way. Yet He communicates His standards.

He knows you. He knows your past. He knows your shame and sent His Son that you not be shamed any more. He knows  your attempts at righteousness, and He covered you with His covering, that you might not work yourself to death trying to earn His love.

He reaches out even though we are not worthy. He reaches out to you.

Image by Ignacio Leonardi

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