• Exodus 37:1-40:38

The description of the tabernacle astounds me. Even as a young child learning of it in Sunday School, the intricacies described, the details God ordered spoke of an intimate, personal God.

I am stricken differently today. As I read the description, I imagine standing back and seeing the tabernacle take shape. The bronze, silver and gold glinting brightly in the sun. The gems on the priestly robes breaking light beams across the landscape. The cheribim  around the mercy seat fixated on that which they surround. The posts sliding gracefully through their rings. Veils and curtains partitioning off areas. The people prepare the way for their almighty, glorious Lord.

The tabernacle is God’s design. And He designed it to be stunning. You are His modern day tabernacle. Why settle for being anything short of stunning?

Image by Joachim Bär

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