• Genesis 7:1-8:22

In Genesis 7:1-4, Noah had quite the task ahead: gather seven of each clean animal and two of each unclean animal. Oh, and make sure there are male and female among them. And have that done by this time next week.

Seven days. After building a massive ark, Noah had seven days to gather its guests. I would have raised an eyebrow at that request followed by a seriously furrowed brow. What about a break? A nice weekend? But I have to believe the comfort Noah brings us by simply following God, like we learned yesterday, that he experienced that comfort himself. The ark was done, and Noah was on to the next task.

Just do what is in front of you. Noah did that. And somehow all the animals God requested ended up in the ark on time. Do not furrow your brow or worry your heart about the task ahead of you. If God is asking it, simply begin doing it.

Just do what is in front of you. God will miraculously handle the rest.

Image by Christa Richert

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