• Genesis 21:1-22:24

“And Abraham said, ‘My son, God will provide for Himself the lamb for the burnt offering…” –Genesis 22:8, NKJV

God required a sacrifice from Abraham. The blood shed that day ended up not being that of Abraham’s own seed, but a sacrifice instead provided by God. But as the day unfolded, Abraham did not know that God would provide a ram in place of Isaac. Abraham followed God’s command to him, and until the altar was built and the boy was bound, Abraham did not know the ram would come.

Maybe you are the same. You are here reading this blog and God is calling you to build an altar. He calls you. And you wonder how you’ll ever be able to give Him what He is asking. You know He is holy. You know He is good. And you know you are not (none of us are).

You feel unworthy, and you are. We all are. But God knew that. He calls you to an altar before Him, but He has already provided the way to fulfill the requirement of a holy sacrifice. You see, standing before the holy God brings quivers to the lifelong faithful follower. If you aren’t already following, it may seem insurmountable that God could welcome you in your rags and soiled garments of a life. Which is why He provided the sacrifice.

Jesus’ innocent blood was shed on your behalf that you may come to the altar before God already approved. Your tattered soul can be healed. Your raggish life can be cleaned. You need not be scrubbed before visiting the altar, for He is the One that does the scrubbing.

If God is calling you, please go. The sacrifice is paid. Your debt to the holy God, forgiven.

You are approved. You are loved. Make your trek to the altar; the Lord is waiting there for you.

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