Old Bucket and StairsRead:

  • Genesis 23:1-24:67

Rebekah had no idea her life was about to change. Heading to the well to grab water for the house, she happened upon a thirsty traveler. He asks for a drink and she gives him even more; she draws bucket after bucket of water for the man’s camels as well.

In her ordinary daily task, she could not know this man was anything more than a man. She did not know he had a mission. And her desire to help had no ulterior motive for this would be their only meeting.

She went about her day. And in the ordinariness of it, she was chosen. She did not know the desire to help, the grace to go beyond a simple request to provide more, would be His sign to a traveler that she was the one. These qualities, formed in her over years, were barely out of the traveler’s mouth before God fulfilled the request.

The ordinary day just turned extraordinary. She just picked up her bucket and went to the well like any other day. It was God who made it extraordinary. When the ordinariness of life seems too bland, remember Rebekah. For had she not done the ordinary, she would not known the extraordinary.

Image by Gary Scott

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