• Numbers 13:1-33

This chapter is likely familiar to many who have grown up in the church. The Israeli spies go into the Promised Land. They come back with two important things: the produce of the land and doubts in their hearts.

The Lord promised milk, honey and amazing fruit. And He delivered. The spies returned with rich produce from the land which they were promised. They had evidence in their hands of the Lord’s promise. They held the fruit and tasted the honey. They carried the harvest with them.

But they carried their doubts too. And as the harvest hit the ground, the doubts spilled from their lips. Waterfalls of doubts and fears flooded over the evidence of the promise.

And the doubts won. In one hand they had evidence of God’s providence. In the other hand they raised their fear above all else, and there it stayed. The people grabbed the fears and trampled the provident harvest.

You hold the same in your hands. Which will you raise to prominence?

Image by Nick Eberhardt

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