• Numbers 17:1-20:13

God knows people. He created us. He saw the first sin and every one since. He sees our attempts to navigate this world on our own. And He sees the trouble brewing as a result of our sin-filled independence.

His calls are specific. His guidance sure. He asks us to do that which He knows we can do with Him. He knows your strengths and your weaknesses. He knows my fears and insecurities. And He battles with the forces of darkness trying to keep us in self-filled approaches and reliant upon insecurities to dictate our way.

He knows we are flawed. He knows we will fail. And He still comes. He still calls. He still sent His Son to die that the barrier of sin would be removed.

He calls. And He expects us to answer. It takes humility, understanding, and an acceptance of our individual and collective weaknesses. For in recognizing our weakness, we will recognize the strength of God all the more.

He doesn’t expect us to be as strong as Him. He only expects that we rely on Him to carry forth the call He extended to us.

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