• Numbers 20:14-22:41

Does the Angel of the Lord stand in your way? Like Balaam, you asked again and again. God initially said no, but you kept asking. And He seemed to open a path, but just a little bit. Then the wheels come off, the donkey crushes your foot, and eventually just lays down leaving you stranded in the road. You strike and cajole, but that path will not move. The donkey will not go.

And yet, when your eyes are opened, you ask again to go to the place where God already said no. The Angel tells you how the donkey saved your life, and you focus on the thing you want rather than the thing God is trying to say.

What is your donkey? What seems to be the pathway of your deliverance into that thing you so desperately wanted? Is it biting you? Does it raise up against you?

But more, what is the thing you keep asking God to give you permission to do. He said no. And He said no. But you keep asking. He told you that it will not happen, but you keep asking. A slight crack opened in the door and you thought it was His clearance.

It wasn’t His clearance, it was His mercy. He sees it takes more for you to be faithful. So He allows you open to the path. And He allows your foot to be crushed. Yet still, you beat the donkey and try to push. He stands an Angel before you, and still you try to press on.

Balaam’s story is not yet over. But before we see the end, we would be wise to see if we are Balaam in the present. What are you unwilling to let go? And how might that come back to crush you?

Seek His face. Humble yourself before God that He may speak guidance and wisdom over your desire to rebel. Don’t make it take a talking donkey to make you change your ways.

Image by Marlon Paul Bruin

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