• Numbers 31:1-33:56

God takes care of His people. He sent them to war with other peoples and nations, and provided for them in the plunders of war. These concepts may seem anywhere from uncomfortable to downright disturbing. But before you bail, think of this as an opportunity to see how God provides for you spiritually.

He sets a battle before you. He tells you that it is yours to win, but you must fight. He gives you the Sword of the Spirit and His armor as protection. He goes before you and comes behind you.

But you must battle.

You may emerge from battle bloodied and broken in the victory. You may emerge unscathed. But you emerge. And He provides for you in the plunder.

From a battle with sin, the plunder is the power over that temptation. From a battle with patience, you emerge with a greater sense of His mercy and grace. From a battle with bitterness and unforgiveness, you walk away with bags full of repentance, relationship, and love.

Whatever battle lies before you, there is plunder on the other side. And sometimes God’s provision comes after the battle, in the plunder.

Image by Eric Ortner


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