• Deuteronomy 1:1-8

As I read this short passage, the Spirit strikes me again with His sovereignty. Experiencing a year unlike any other, I see in the life of the Israelites that God’s chosen battles have timelines. The Israelites conquered one people, set up in the land, and lived there. Some time later, God tells them to spread to another land, another people, leading to another battle.

But oh that sweet time between battles. That time of building, of setting up homes, of breathing deep the provision of God. Though the next battle will bring even more, the sweet refuge of the current pause allows the people to reflect. Reflect on God’s provision, His guidance, and His mercy. Reflect on their past sin, their current obedience, and their unworthiness before the holy God who just keeps pouring forth to them.

And when the next call to battle comes, they reflect on what it means to obey quickly when God points out the next horizon to conquer.

Are you experiencing a time of battle or a time of reflection? Has God upended your reflection and called you to another horizon, another conquest? Knowing these times will come, how do you prepare yourself and those in your life?

Image by Adam Stevens

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