• Deuteronomy 21:22-24:22

The laws of God honor Him. True. Reading through this passage, however, the sweet whispers of the Spirit say, “Look who else is given honor.” The laws of God provide respect and honor to people. He created people, so it makes sense that He would want them to be treated well. It does not mean that any person should receive honor that God alone deserves. It does mean that He created these humans in your life. He created them in His own image. His laws are there to help us know how to treat each other, how to honor the creation of the Creator we love.

The grace and mercy required to consistently respect and honor those around us may not be your ingrained spiritual gift. But it is possible. Remembering the One Who gave them breath, honoring His creative work, and showing respect to His creation reflects on our love for Him.

As you go through this day, see people from God’s creative perspective. And show them the honor their Creator meant for them to have.

Image by Robert Linder


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