• Leviticus 16:1-19:37

“And if you offer a sacrifice of a peace offering to the Lord, you shall offer it of your own free will…Therefore you shall observe all My statutes and all My judgments, and perform them: I am theLord.” –Leviticus 19: 5, 37, NKJV

Why do you follow God’s will? Why do you choose to do so?

Is it out of a desire to earn His love? Please know His love cannot be earned.

Do you do so begrudgingly, because someone told you to? Know that He desires a heart set before Him more than an action done without heart.

Do you do so to earn the respect of men? That respect, if ever earned, will fade. Like sands in an hour glass, you will continue to have to earn and earn and earn, pouring more and more into the funnel without ever filling the glass.

A free will is all God asks. A single action freely chosen because He is your Lord shows a contriteness of heart that no abundance of obligatory action can ever match.

Check your motivation today. Choose freely to honor Him and the blessing of His peace will be upon you.

Image by Raja R

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