• Numbers 1:1-2:34

Tens of thousands of men. Tens of thousands of warriors for Israel. Tens of thousands of the same people fighting for the same God and defending the same land.

Tens of thousands of people started from one family. noah and the boys, with wives in tow, walked out of the ark with quite literally nothing. No armies, no other family, and no place to lay their heads. They entered a world where nothing was their’s but God alone.

And that was all God needed to build this army. For God takes the smallest of offerings and builds the greatest of armies. From nothing, He created the earth. From your meager offering, He can change the world.

Walk out of your deliverance and trust in what God can build. Offer Him your frail you and see what He will do.

That, my friend, is the life of faith.

Image by Constantin Deaconescu

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