• Numbers 3:1-4:49

Throughout this section, God lays out His desires for the sons. Striking is that all of their callings are in service to the Lord. Yes, they are temple-related, but each of their callings had a specific focus: serving the Lord.

I believe God calls each of us according to how He created us and the skills and abilities He has given. How do we carry those out for the Lord? Maybe you have an analytical mind and are good with numbers. There may not be an accountant position open in your church, so how can you serve the Lord with those abilities?

Maybe the call has shifted and you find yourself in a phase of life that you did not quite expect right now. How might His call for you shift? How might you still serve the Lord with the time, energy, and potential that resides in this life moment?

I have more questions than answers, for it is in the questioning that we may reveal where our hearts truly sit.

Image by Karl-Erik Bennion


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