• Numbers 5:1-6:27

The Lord God told the people to put out anyone with a defect from anywhere He dwelt. Initially, when I read this, I had no idea what to say. I asked God to show me what He would have me share. I asked that He show me HIs heart.

I recognized my own defects: defect of character, of attitude, of faithfulness. My inability to keep His commands. I saw my own sinfulness and how that would mean being put out of the camp.

And He showed me His grace, His mercy. He sent Jesus to live a perfect life, to die as the ultimate and perfect sacrifice for all of our sins, and to raise again on the third day to conquer the sting of death. He gave the gift. He paid the price.

All so I wouldn’t have to be put out of the camp. All so you didn’t have to be away from the presence of God. All so we could dwell alongside Him in this life and the next.

His mercy holds back from us the penalty of our own sin. Jesus paid that price, and God accepted the eternal sacrifice. His grace extends that gift to you, to me, to anyone accepting the payment for their sin. He built a wall to hold back death and damnation. He took the hit that we wouldn’t be overwhelmed by the force of the burden.

His law is fulfilled. We can be clean, no longer defiled. He loves you that much.

Image by Milos Markovic

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