• Judges 9:1-11:40

I shudder at the imagery of Judges 9:8-15. Mighty, tall, and distinguished trees go throughout the prairie seeking a king. But they look not to one greater than they. They beg with lesser creations. They plead for that which could not overtake them to reign over them. They ask shrub and vine, fig tree and olive, to be their king.

I shudder because I do this. God created me, and you, to be His own. He built in each of us a calling that would glorify Him. And yet, I wander the country-side seeking to submit to that which is less than the One Who made me. For all creation is less than God. Whether it be peer, child, work, or even the church community, seeking justification and rule from the created world belittles the created being He made you to be.

Yes, there are organizations and hierarchies, but we must not hand over all we are to the rule of anyone other than God alone. Even Jesus, the only perfect human, submitted to only God for He knew, as I should know, that God alone knows the here and the there, the now and the then. He knows the beginning, middle, and end of the path. And He builds a life so much greater than anything any created thing could provide.

I must remember the trees and learn from their mistakes. The only One worthy to rule is the King of His people: God alone.

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