• Judges 15:1-17:13

Samson. The story from flannel-graphs (remember those?) and Sunday school teaching. We learned of his God-given strength. We learned of his hair. And we learned the power of giving in to the enticements of those who seek to destroy us.

Much in Samson’s life should not be emulated. But remember his beginning: an angel of the Lord visited his barren mother and proclaimed she would be with son. The proclamation came with the direction that he would be a Nazarite from the womb. (Sounds familiar with John the Baptist, eh?) And though Samson chose his first wife from the Philistines, God’s plan turned the sin of this man to the destruction of His enemies.

Though Samson lost his strength when the Lord departed, he saw the error of his ways, ironically, when he was blind. He called out for the strength of God, and in his own death, brought down more of God’s enemies than in all his life.

Though we sin, our God is bigger than our decisions. He knows our hearts and His plan will not be fraught because of us. Do your best. Seek Him. His will reigns whether you turn right or left. He will be glorified, and His strength will rise as you just keep trying.

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