• Judges 18:1-19:30

Oh, the presence of the Lord. Promised to us time and again, an incomparable sweetness walks alongside as we go. As we go.

“And the priest said to them, ‘Go in peace. The presence of the Lord be with you on your way.'” –Judges 18:6, NKJV

I journal. Though prayer happens throughout the day, I find journaling sets my thoughts in front of me, slows me down that I might hear as God shows me His heart, His will. I journal. But journaling alone does not change my life. Just as prayer alone does not changes my life. Just as the presence of the Lord, alone, does not transform my life.

It takes more. Before you get out your holy tar-and-feathers, hear me out. It takes more than merely the presence of the Lord. That may be all we need for revelation, but He made us to actually live this life. though study and reading remain important, He created us to do. The doing will not save you, but it will be a tool by which God transforms you.

A gifted Bible teacher, Beth Moore frequently uses a three-word phrase that cuts to the heart of the issue: “Do the thing.” You have to do the thing. Don’t just think about it, pray about it, and ponder its implication. Actually get up from your prayer mat and do the thing. For in the doing, we build discipline. In the doing we experience faith in action. In the doing we feel the smile of God as we learn in action that which He spoke in the quiet.

He will be with you…and you must go.

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