• Judges 20:1-21:25

Like so much of scripture, this passage both breaks my heart and buttresses my soul. The people of Israel sought the Lord and went to battle at His command. Thousands of His died. The people wept and sought the Lord. He sent them out a second day. Thousands more of His died. The people wept and sought Him again. Surely more would not have to die. Again He sent them to battle. And on the third day, the Benjamites were delivered into Israel’s hand.

Sometimes the call of God sends us into a battle with death from which we or our brothers and sisters do not emerge. Then He sends us again…and again. The Lord’s battles are not always won in the first round. Or the second. Though it seems like defeat, sometimes His battles take ore rounds than we are interested in fighting. The wounds grow, the weariness takes over, and we just keep seeking the Lord. And He keeps sending us back into the fray.

Failure does not mean you heard God wrong. Defeat does not mean you disobeyed. As this scripture accounts, the seeming failure was part of the battle plan. The people followed God to a “t” and still people died. Thousands upon thousands died.

Though you may not be taking up arms in the physical world, the spiritual battle around you requires arms as well. Take up your weapons, seek the Lord, and be not discouraged if it seems defeat is the only outcome. Round after round lay in His hand. Keep seeking. Keep battling. His glory will win. Just keep fighting.

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